Gallery LVS at Art Central Hong Kong 2016


Date: 2016.3.23-26 (VIP Preview 2016.3.22)
Location: Central Harbourfront Hong Kong
Booth number: F17

Gallery LVS is pleased to announce the gallery’s first participation in Art Central Hong Kong. The participating artists are: Won-Kun Jun, Tae-Jin Seong, Hyo-Jeong Park, and Axel Krause.

The three artists: Won-Kun Jun, Tae-Jin Seong and Hyo-Jeong Park display assiduous craftsmanship in their work, which trait is extensively highlighted in Korean contemporary art. Seong piously carves every “painterly stroke” onto a wooden panel whereas the actual imagery and narratives are gaudy-colored and often humorous. Jun builds on countless layers of diluted acrylic colors, which construct sculptural and architectural landscapes that are hidden under extremely minimal surface. Park creates tranquil, but monumental objects using natural materials such as wood and jade, providing meditational space of exquisite beauty and spirituality. And at last but not least, Krause is a painter based in Leipzig who creates surreal narratives that cleverly alarm the viewers with twisted cliff-hangers in the midst of calm scenery.

Gallery LVS is opened in Seoul, 2008 under the objective of introducing leading world contemporary art to Korea and acting as a foothold for the preeminent Korean artists to move onto the world stage. Gallery LVS works collaboratively with its branches LVS CRAFT and LVS PROJECT on art projects cross disciplines and exhibition forms.
For further inquiries, please contact Dain Oh via +82 (0)2 3443 7475.