Jung Hong Park at R?V?LATIONS 2015

At the dawn of the 2015-2016 French-Korean cross-collaboration years, initiated by the French Institute under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R?v?lations will be duly honouring the precision, eternal delicacy and the modern aesthetic inventiveness of Korean craftworkers, by reserving for them a prime position: 150m2 at the foot of the Grand Palais’ balcony of honour. To ensure this prestigious set fittingly hosts pieces by 22 artists, the Korea Craft and Design Foundation has entrusted its exhibition area’s scenography to the Seoul-based studio Void Planning, a talented and imaginative duo with many prizes to its credit for installations in international shows and fairs.

Ceramic, lacquer, mother-of-pearl and paper, the fine jewels of Korea’s cultural heritage crown, are now subtly refashioned by creators, who will also be exhibiting their works in wood, stone and metal.


Bomi Park; Chunbok Lee; Heeseung Koh; Hyewook Huh; Hyunju Kim; Jaehyo Lee; Jimin Kim; Jinhee Kwon; Joohyung Park; Jucheol Yun; June Lee; Junggyu Yi; Junghong Park; Kanghyo Lee; Kyounghwa Jun; Kyoungtaek Roh; Myungsun Kim; Sejin Bae; Woorim Kang; Yeonhee Ryu; Youngkuwan Jung; Yunhee Lee.